CMC出品 1/18比例奔驰汽车模型Benz Targa Florio

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今天,小编转发一组1/18比例的奔驰汽车模型Benz Targa Florio。出自CMC品牌。



The CMC 1924 Mercedes Targa Florio abounds with details, big and small. The replica is executed extremely well and every detail is crisply presented from any angle. The steel filigrane wheels, Continental imprinted tires, steel mesh rock guard, and beautiful copper hull coMBIned with the deep dark Italian red paint make for an excellent 1:18 scale replica. Coming from CMC, I wouldn't expect anything less! Materials aside, build quality is second to none and the Targa Florio has a considerable weight to it considering it's an early open wheel race car.

The car successfully completed the race of its namesake and that of the Coppa Florio in 1924 with Christian Werner behind the wheel and Karl Sailer as his co-pilot. They managed to set a new track record of 1 hour, 35 minutes for a single round and led the way for Mercedes' 1-2-3 finish in 1924. A stunning feat in 1924 considering the 108 kilometer or nearly 70 mile length of each round of the course. In CMC's release, they stated the reason for the red painted Mercedes was due to a race strategy that would fool Italian race fans into thinking one of their own was coming down the track, thus preventing the occasional boulder from rolling on the course! Rennleiter, or team manager, Alfred Neubauer had the cars repainted red between the practice round and race and the rest is history.

The CMC 1924 Mercedes Targa Florio is crafted of over 1,000 parts, most of which I assume are included in the individually spoked steel filigrane wheels. Everywhere you look at this model you find another detail overlooked the last time it was admired like the removable steel bayonet filler cap just behind the driver. The exterior hand brake lever is functional, although it doesn't engage a brake, and features a leather grip like the steel spoked steering wheel. The No. 10 racing number is applied with CMC's high-quality tampon-printing technique and looks great on the replica.

Customary for CMC, genuine materials were used in the construction of the 1924 Mercedes Targa Florio, and in fact the undercarriage hull is made of copper that is polished and sealed to a smooth and glossy finish. The double-leaf engine hood is also made of copper and features opening side panels on a piano-hinge held down with 4 functioning coil spring latches that are easily disengaged with the tip of your fingernail. While engines of the time were simple in their own right, CMC has repliCATed the supercharged 2-liter twin overhead camshaft 4-cylinder engine with precision cabling, levers, and even features removable Spark plug sockets. On the exterior of the cooler, the Mercedes Targa Florio features a steel wire mesh rock protector. The movable crank starter positioned at the front of the vehicle is also made of steel.

A benefit to these open wheel race cars is the exposure of all the suspension components and frame work. This model is no exception, and the collector is able to appreciate the passion CMC puts into every part of the car. The front and rear axles feature functional, steel, 6-layer, compound leaf springs. The Targa Florio has beautifully replicated aluminum wheels with steel filigrane spokes and Continental Ballon tires mounted on the front, rear, and spare. The latter of which is secured with genuine leather straps.

CMC steals the show with this release and has excelled in their presentation of early race cars. The attention to detail, build quality, and subject matter make for an excellent replica that collectors will enjoy for many years to come. If you haven't had a chance to obtain one of these, I highly recommend this addition to your collection. It will not only look great in any racing, European, and Mercedes-Benz collection, but could also serve as a centerpiece to be admired for the crafTSManship and detail CMC brings to the table.


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