Ignition Model品牌1/18丰田汽车模型 Toyota Soarer (Z20) 2.0GT-TWIN TURBO L 黑银色

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今天,小编带来ignition model品牌的丰田汽车模型新款。1/18比例Toyota Soarer (Z20) 2.0GT-TWIN TURBO L Black/Silver款。其他四款模型型号如下。

IG1326 1/18 Toyota Soarer (Z20) 2.0GT-TWIN TURBO L Black/Silver

IG1327 1/18 Toyota Soarer (Z20) 3.0GT-LIMITED White/Silver

IG1328 1/18 Toyota Soarer (Z20) 2.0GT-TWIN TURBO L White

IG1329 1/18 Toyota Soarer (Z20) 2.0GT-TWIN TURBO L Black/Silver

Ignition Model品牌1/18丰田汽车模型 Toyota Soarer (Z20) 2.0GT-TWIN TURBO L  黑银色正面

Ignition Model品牌1/18丰田汽车模型 Toyota Soarer (Z20) 2.0GT-TWIN TURBO L  黑银色-背面


The Z20 series Toyota Soarer was produced from January 1986 to April 1991, and was available in several variants. The styling of the second-generation Soarer is similar of that of the X80 series Cressida, Mark II, Chaser and Cresta. The Soarer shared its platform with the newly introduced A70 series Supra.

The Z20 Soarer introduced a vehicle information display system with Electro Multi Vision and visual information cassettes.

In 1988, TOM'S released a limited model package named the C5. The 7M-GTE in the Tom's C5 Soarer saw the power upgrades similar to those seen in the Turbo-A Supra of the same year.

Toyota Soarer AeroCabin

In April 1989 a limited 500 unit production of the Aerocabin version was also available. This came with only 2 seats and an electric folding roof. The Aerocabin came with the same specs as the GT-Limited and were only available with the 7M-GTE engine, 4sp automatic transmission, tan leather interior and pearl paint.

In 1988 Soarer Z20 got restyling -grill and rear taillights changed and minor interior changes (climate control, dash). Other than that engines were improved:

1G-GTEU 180 -> 157 kW (213 PS; 211 hp)

7M-GTEU 230 -> 179 kW (243 PS; 240 hp)

Unlike the A70, the Z20 did not pick up the 2.5L twin turbo 1JZ-GTE. However all models built from May 1989 including the Aerocabin did have a revised crossmember.

In 1986, Toyota Soarer introduced a world first electronically controlled (Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension), semi-active full air suspension (spring constant, variable attenuation force).

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